When should senior pictures be taken?

The short answer is… when you are ready!!

Things you should take into consideration when scheduling your photo shoot.

  • What locations do you want to use?
  • Do you prefer wearing summer, winter, or fall outfits?
  • Do you have deadlines for submitting pictures for senior slide shows, announcements, or invitations?

What to wear?

It is important to wear clothing that you feel comfortable and confident in. You want your clothing to match your personality. Everyone has their own personal style, and this is the time to show it off.

When thinking about your looks, keep in mind that you want to be able to pose comfortably in a variety of positions.

Bring lots of options! Solid colors and monochromatic outfits photograph well, but you could also choose a pattern as long as it is not too busy.

Bring props that illustrate your hobbies, personality or future plans. If you are in band, bring your instrument! Bring your band uniform! If you play sports, bring your uniform, ball, clubs, or racket. If you love to read, bring a book so I can photograph you reading. Spirit wear of your current school or future college… get creative!